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How to Auto Shutdown your Windows PC | Step by Step

Auto Shutdown your Windows PC in just a few simple steps!

In this tutorial we’ll explain to you how you can easily schedule your PC to automatically shutdown, restart or log-off.

We’ll go over multiple methods;

The first method is to install software designed to make automatically shutting down your PC easy.

The second method is to use a program that’s already install on your windows PC called Task Scheduler.

When using the first method, you will need to download the Auto Shutdown Software .

  1. Once you’ve installed the software you want to go to the “Task Scheduler” tab
  2. Select an option,
  3. Then select a day and time of which you would like your PC to Auto Shutdown
  4. Click on “Set” and wait :)

Congratulations you’ve scheduled you’re PC to auto shutdown when you want it to!

how to auto shutdown your PC steps









The second method, with this method you need to search for a pre-installed program on your PC called “Task Scheduler”.

Finding this program maybe a bit difficult but we will show you how to find it!

For Windows 7 or 8 go to Start>Control Panel>System and Security>Administrative tools>Task Scheduler

Once you’ve found it double click on it and follow these steps.

Step 1: Click one Create Basic Task…

step 1









Step 2: Give your Task a name for example “Auto Shutdown”

step 2








Step 3: Select when you want your trigger to take place, every day, week or month?

step 3









Step 4: Select on which day you want your trigger to take place.

step 4







Step 5: Here select “Start a program”
step 5







Step 6: In the program textbox enter “shutdown” and in the parameter textbox enter “/S”

step 6







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