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How to Automatically start a Program in Windows

How you can automatically start any program on your Windows PC.

In this post we will learn you how to automatically launch any program you wish on your PC.

We will go over two methods, in the first method we will be using the Windows task scheduler and with the second method we will use a program designed to make the process of launching a program automatically very easy.

Method 1

Step 1, open the Windows Task Scheduler you do this by going to: Start>Control Panel>System and Security>Administrative tools>Task Scheduler

Step 2, click on “Create Basic Task…”

step 1











Step 3, give your task a name for example “Start a Program”

starting a program step 3












Step 4, select when you want your task to launch; every week, month etc.

step 3









Step 5, select on which day of the week, and time you want your task to launch

step 4








Step 6, select the option “Start a program”

step 5







Step 7, browse for the program you want to launch

starting a program step 2












Step 8, click on “finish” and you’re done!

Method 2

This one takes way less steps, but you need to Download a Program called Startup View

Step 1, once you’ve installed the software go to the “Startup manager” tab, click on “choose file” and search for the program(s) you want to launch and click on “Add to List”.

Startup Manager Tab

This is a screenshot of the Startup Manager tab for managing auto startup program


Step 2, go to the “Task Scheduler” tab and in the option box select “StartProgram”

Startup View Task Scheduler Tab

Screenshot Startup View task scheduler tab

Step 3, check the checkbox in front of the program you want to launch

Step 4, select a day and time for the program to launch and click on “set”

That’s it, now wait for the program to launch.

If you found this post helpful, please share it with you’re friends, and let us now which method you prefer.